What would happen if your characters knew as much about life and science as you did? That is the question that led to the development of this D&D campaign. Our group used the D20 Modern handbook to create a collection of PC’s and NPCs that would be transplanted into a D&D campaign.


It starts off in D20 modern with the campaign world being Earth in the summer of 2012.

The planet climates are out of control and there is civil unrest the world over. A world power known as the Shadow Corp has bought their power and focused their funds and assetts behind an Archeologist and his assisstant who have found a map to the “Keys of Atlantis” as written by Socrates. The two are joined by a police negotiator who helps translate in Greece. Shortly after that, the Shadow Corp adds members to the team in the form of a Scientist, a street thug, and a cowbow (complete with six-gun and horse).

All is not smooth sailing though, as another group called the Radiant Group is determine to keep (or get for themselves) the talismans that are the “Keys” hidden all over the world. They hire an assassin to kill the thug, and scientist, but when he fails, he becomes the next target, and as luck would have it, the next addition to the team. After several gun-fights at talisman locations with the radiant group they take on one more addition- a nurse practitioner.

Now with all the talismans and a well-rounded team of modern-day adventurers, they head to Egypt to put the keys in where they belong. Through a series of failed negotiations, gunfights, and unexpected bomb damage to the Sphinx. They (with several NPC’s) take their liberated hostages through the portal to Atlantis only to find it leads to the distant world of Greyhawk in the center of the Flanees. But the question they have to answer is, “Is Oerth another early word for Earth?” What is worse, they are stuck here.

The group is now Lost In Time, and the campaign is about a way home for them.

Open-ended, Multi-DM, Campaign format

Each player will run one adventure that will encompus one level. When the adventure is done, the PCs advance and the Next player steps up to the plate as DM.

Lost In Time

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