Lost In Time

Dear Sarah,

I know this is a shock to read, but I must not have made it back to you if you are reading this, and the others to come. I have been learning a few new languages and speaking these words in the new language is good practice while I write them. I am speaking Elven. Not “Lord of the Rings” elven but true fairy-tail, pointed ears, elven. Let me tell you what’s happened so far…

That job I was doing for the Shadow Corp- the one that had Johny come by and put you and Christopher in the safe place- that’s where we all went wrong. The job turned into a worldwide treasure hunt for these ancient talismans that somehow powered some mystical table in Egypt. It’s in a secret room off the secret temple under the Sphinx. I can tell you this now because I am sure it doesn’t matter anymore, but I couldn’t tell you then. I am sorry.

The Talismans were thought to lead to an opening, or portal of sorts to Atlantis…just like your sci-fy shows. That’s what Jacob Kincaid and Paul Levine said anyhow. Well that was the big deal that we couldn’t talk about because there was this other world-wide organization, the Radiant group, who were after it too. They are the ones that tried to kill us on several occasions, and the ones you and Christopher were hiding from. Stay away from those guys. They are, mostly demons,..who can seem human to most.

Let me explain that one. This other scientist, Ross Ewage, had this weird eye-spray that allowed you to see through their masking aura. I think it was called a glamour. Anyway, they’ve been around since like the dawn of history looking for these Talismans that Alexander the Great, or Socrates, or Aristotle hid all over the ancient world. I forget how the story went but we found the map to where they were hidden in Greece. Thus the treasure hunt with psycho demons on our tail and threatening our familys.

We did catch up to them holding Gina Wilvo, Hiro Kwon, Paul Levine, Rodger Mason, and Dan Ross in Egypt. We got the bad guys and freed the hostages but the bastards had a bomb hidden and the timer already set. We ran deeper into the hidden tunnel off the hidden chamber behind the hidden temple under the Sphinx. Talk about redundant, huh? But we didn’t find the bomb, it went off.

I know you may have been told that we all died in the blast, and I’m sure that’s how it looked when and if they get the rubble dug up- but we didn’t. We were too far undergroud to be effected by the blast, but we also couldn’t get out either. We found the portal to Atlantis and Gina got sucked in because she got too close before we knew it was “on”. We pondered any other way out for close to 6 hours and couldn’t think up one thing. Rodger warned us to stay connected going through and Jim Brower used his rope to make sure we didn’t lose our grip. Through the looking glass we went.

We should’ve guessed because Gina didn’t come back the whole time we waited, but the trip was one-way. We found some old guy waiting for us, and we weren’t in Atlantis. According to the smart guys here, they say we went through a wormhole that transported us to another world or to Earth some million years ago or something. Let’s just say I’m looking into dinosaur repellant while I’m here. I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Time,…that’s the other thing. We asked about Gina and the elder (he’s a midget), Lokiju who is a halfling, told us she came through 3000 years before us! The wormhole dialates time so it passes by at different speeds on one side or the other- I think. Anyway they miss-pronounced her name and she must’ve had amnesia from the wormhole because it stuck. They showed us her Lab ID badge that had somehow gotten burned slightly. Her name Iggina A. Wilvo, looked like Igg*******Wilv*, so that’s what she goes by now, Iggwilv. Oh yeah, I guess she found the fountain of youth or something because she’s still kicking and is like a god around here. Everyone is afraid of her. All I know is that she owes me a paycheck. I’d look into that with her Father, the CEO of Shadow Corp, if I were you.

This is a strange world that is like a page out of a Tolken novel and the histories of the Middle-ages, but with magic. They call it magic but it’s like some kind of advanced mind-science. I don’t quite understand it but the smart guys are taking to it like the Cubs take the feild on opening day. I got to go for now. I miss you and Christopher so much even though it’s only been a day here.

They are letting us stay in their food warehouse for now because there is scarely a roof for every head here. There are lots of cats here to chase off the mice. Your mom would love it here. The candle is almost out, but if a few hours there is 1,000 years here, I won’t see you again. Maybe these pages will find their way to you. When he’s old enough, let Christopher read them too. I miss you both.




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