Lost In Time

Third Letter

Dear Sarah,

For this letter I think i will try my hand at gnomish. I haven’t actually met any gnomes yet but I don’t want to be rude when I do. I haven’t written for a while,…nearly a month now, I think. Without clocks and calendars it’s hard to keep track of time. I know that won’t make any difference to you. I know if even one of these letters survives to get into your hands, then they all will, and you’ll read them one after the other. So Jacob Kohl came back into town just before we did and had a,…well, a vision is what you could call it. He said he knew where the supplies were that we were supposed to get from that town I told you about. He knew right where it was and how to get there, sort of like a human GPS. We were followed and then attacked by Pirates along the way and took their boat into custody after we had it out with the lot of them. They attacked us on land- they weren’t very good pirates. Well, to make a long story short- we got the supplies Lokiju sent us after, sold the boat for a proffit and got back to town. Things were starting to settle down to a normal pace for the rest of the month, until last week we met the Shield riders. There’s a country called the Shieldlands that Andrew sits on the boarder of. They are at war with the empire of Iuz (I’m not making this up!), who lokiju says is run by the son of Iggwilv- Gina’s alter ego. Anyway, the whole town gets on edge because someone spotted these mysterious riders comming into town. It turns out this guy Cathan is the leader of the calvelry from the Shieldlands army and he lets us have the bad news. There is an army on the move from the Empire of Iuz marching this way, he thinks, looking for us. The good news is that he and his Eddie’s Dozen horsemen are here to escourt the whole village to Greyhawk- a huge city of over (don’t laugh) 100,000 people. He says we’ll be safe there. Lokiju thinks it over and decides to move the population into Greyhawk. I know how hard it is to travel around here- I’ve been doing it without a car for a while now, and I know a village can’t outrun an army for long. I come up with a plan to stage the village to make it look like we all left a long time ago. I think it worked because we didn’t see the army so much as we dealt with their scouts- and that was after we were on the road for a few days. We had to make a beeline for a port called, Seawall. It was pretty much just that- a big wall around the town that sat at the shore of the sea. Once were got there we were safe and have to take this boat to Greyhawk. I know- another boat. Well you did marry a sailor. Now it’s another 4 days on this boat until we make port in Greyhawk. I can’t wait, my wounds are nearly healed. I got them in the fight with the scouts… So we were on the road, and on the run, escorting the caravan of wagons to Seawall when the rear guard spots some riders comming over the hills behind us. They were goblins riding large wolves, but the locals here told us later they were probably worgs, whatever those are. Lokiju and Cathan rode ahead pushing the Caravan faster, but we knew it would be spotted soon and, after a short brainstorming session, decided to let the inevitable fight come to us, and we set up an ambush. There we all were, waiting for the smelly (they really smell bad) goblins and worgs to get close enough for most of us to attack. Quite a few of us have guns, but the rest of us are using the local weaponry now, so we wanted to wait. A huge beetle flew right into my eye while I was watching for them and I shook the bush I was behind trying to get it out- in short I ruined the ambush,…mostly. I knew they saw me so a made it look like I was running for the caravan, which I am sure they saw too by now. It worked to a degree, and they all seemed to be trying to run me down. I knew my friends were nearby, hidden and ready to get my back. I also knew we had superior weapons, but once those riders were going at top speed to catch me, and started throwing javelins at me, I’ve never been more scared. The group attacked one the riders were there, but there were move of them than us, so some got threw to me. I was being skewered, bitten, bashed, and flanked by two riders. I didn’t see too much of the others, but from glances I saw a few doing well and getting the upper hand, and a few that looked worse off than me. I wanted to call for help from Aggie- She’s the nurse we picked up in Cambodia before we went through the portal, but now she uses the magic to heal people. Anyway, I saw she was having a hard time with one rider and I didn’t want to distract her by calling for help. I was really bad-off, and all I could think to do was get close enough to her for her to notice how bad I needed help. I started to attack the one Aggie was defending against and with Gabe’s help we put him away, I looked over the shoulder of my attackers and saw the others were doing much better than I was so I finally called for help. Aggie used her magic and I suddenly felt a tiny bit better, then I got bit hard and blacked out. I awoke to Aggie’s magic touch. We won the fight and Aggie worked her magic on the worst of our wounds, the rest would have to heal in time. When I was real close to death I could feel the magic flow through me and heal me up. The closest thing I can think of is like when you, me, and Chris went out that morning in winter last year (for me), and we played in the snow for hours until we couldn’t feel our noses or toes. Just after we got inside, and into dry clothes, you made some hot chocolate….that first sip you can feel warming you up all the way down- that’s what healing magic feels like. Now I know why I waited so long to write another letter to you and Chris. Every time I do, I start thinking of you two, then I start remembering all the stupid little things you take for granted everyday, like electricity, running water,…especially hot, toilet paper, disposable razors. Most importanly, I’m reminded of how much I miss you both. After we get to Greyhawk and settle all the folks into the city, I’ll try to write again,…

All My Love,



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