• Aggie Dunne

    Aggie Dunne

    Nurse Practitioner who steps through the Portal, and medicine is completely different on the other side.
  • Gabriel Nash

    Gabriel Nash

    Bred for assassination, Gabe is socially challenged and has failed to complete a job- the one that led him to befriend and accompany this group through the portal.
  • Jacob Kincaid

    Jacob Kincaid

    Acheologist fresh out of college (almost) working with Prof. Levine and Dr. Kwon on the Atlantis project, only to be thrown back in time with the rest of the group.
  • Jim Brower

    Jim Brower

    Jim is a tough cowboy who has a special relationship with his horse, Buck, and found himself "herding" these adventurers on their way.
  • Justin


    Justin is a man of many names dedicated to his role, whatever it may be. Profoundly changed by the portal event.
  • Nick Potemkin

    Nick Potemkin

    Nick is a detective/negotiator for the Chicago Police Department, and spokesman for the group.
  • Ross Ewage

    Ross Ewage

    Ross is a Dr. of the physics of things, a little too smart for his own good, and was greatly effected by the portal event.
  • Cathan


    A rugged, mounted fighter for the Shieldlands
  • Christopher W.

    Christopher W.

    Orphaned from a bugbear attack on his village (Tarren Mill), and placed with a family in Andrew by the heroes.
  • Dan Ross

    Dan Ross

    A wanna-be cowboy who idolizes Jim Brower, but can't let go of technology- until now.
  • Gina Wilvo

    Gina Wilvo

    Iggina Anistasia Wilvo is the daughter of the C.E.O. of Shadow Corp and uses its assetts like her own personal trust fund.
  • Hiro Kwon

    Hiro Kwon

    Hiro is a Dr. of Anthropology and Physics for the University of Tokyo, who was studying the secret chamber under the sphinx when Jacob Kincaid brought trouble to his doorstep.
  • Iggwilv


    Iggwilv was once Iggina "Gina" Anastasia Wilvo, and has been living in the world of Oerth for 3,000 years.
  • Lokiju


    Lokiju is an elderly halfling who serves a mysterious master, and helps the group get their bearings after the portal event.
  • Paul Levine

    Paul Levine

    Paul is a Professor of anthropology for a United States University, on loan to the Shadow Corp to help with the Atlantis Project.
  • Rodger Mason

    Rodger Mason

    Rodger is a tall, rugged, kind hearted buhdist from the modern Earth come back with the others and determined to help the village first.