Jacob Kincaid

Acheologist fresh out of college (almost) working with Prof. Levine and Dr. Kwon on the Atlantis project, only to be thrown back in time with the rest of the group.

Neutral Good Human, Male, 25 yrs Climb +0 English
Level 3 5’7", 140 lbs Jump +0 Ancient Greek
Smart Hero 1 (Hair) Brown, (Eyes) Brown Swim +0 Ancient Latin (Common)
Artificer 2 (Deity) Boccob (skeptic) Ancient Egyptian (Celestial)
DEXTERITY Ancient Sumerian (Elven)
Str (10) +0 AC 10+5+1+3+0+0+0+0 Drive +3 INTELLIGENCE
Dex (17) +3 TAC (13) Escape Artist +3 Appraise +6
Con (13) +1 FFAC (16) Hide +3 Computer Use +4
Int (18) +4 HP (21) Move Silently +3 Craft (mechanical) +11
Wis (13) +1 Initiative (3) 30 Pilot — Craft (structural +11
Cha (14) +2 Action Points (6) Ride +4 Craft (alchemy) +9
Sleight of Hand — Decipher Script +9
Fort (1) 0+1 Damage Reduction 0 Tumble — Disable Device +10
Ref (3) 0+3 Spell Resistance 0 Use Rope +3 Forgery +4
Will (5) 4+1 Investigate —
BAB (+1) Speed (30) no armor CONSTITUTION Knowledge (arcana) +6
Grapple (1) 10 (25) medium armor Concentration +3 Knowledge (arch/eng) +12
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5
Baretta 92F 0(2d6) (20)x2,40’,SPB Bluff +2 Knowledge (nature) +5
Longbow +4(1d8) (20)x3,100’,P Diplomacy +2 Knowledge (the planes) +5
Machete +1 (1d6) (19-20)x2, S Disguise +2 Knowledge (religion) +5
Hatchet +1 (1d6) (20)x2, 10’, S Gather Info +2 Search +14
Handle Animal — Spellcraft +7
Savant (Disable Device) +Smart Hero Lvl to skill Perform — WISDOM
Craft Reserve 40 Additional XP for crafting Use Magic Device +13 Heal +2
Artificer Knowledge Int+Art level DC 15 determine if item is magic Gamble +1
Artisan Bonus +2 Use Magic Device to activate items with requisite Craft feat Listen -1
Disable Trap Locate and disable magic traps like rogue Profession (Teacher) +2
Item Creation Craft magic items Eberron Campaign Setting Sense Motive +1
Spot +2
Archaic Weapon Proficiency Proficient with archaic weapons D20 Modern
Builder (Mechanical, Structural) +2 to listed Craft skills D20 Modern
Educated (History, Physical Sciences +2 to listed Knowledge skills D20 Modern
Simple Weapon Proficiency Proficient with simple weapons D20 Modern
Research Able to use time and resources to improve Knowledge checks Eberron Campaign Setting
Scribe Scroll Able to scribe scolls PHB
Extraordinary Artisan Reduce GP cost to craft items by 25% Eberron Campaign Setting
Brew Potion Able to brew potions PHB

While working on his post-doc placement with Dr. Paul Levine, Kincaid made some curious findings. The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 had uncovered a cave that contained a document written in Ancient Greek that appeared to be a log of a ship that sank off the coast of Greece, 2000 years ago! After a through investigation, and against all knowledge up to that point, the document appeared to be legitimate.

Dr. Levine was able to pull some strings and get funding for further inquiry into these findings through the SHADOW corporation and Gina Wilvo. An investigation of area the ship was said to sink lead to its location and the contents of its cargo hold. With the help of Nick Potemkin, a large stone box was brought to the surface. Still covered in flawless, detailed carvings that appeared to be Mayan, the box did not belay any of its supposed 2000 years of age. Carefully, the box was opened to reveal a map of the ancient world.

Hours of study yielded little results, it was only until Gina brought in the rest of the team to assist in the excavation and study that progress was made. With the help of Dr. Ross Ewage and his liquid (true seeing) sunglasses, the secrets of the map were revealed within hours!

What followed was an adventure across the globe (Greece! Egypt! England! Cambodia! Japan! Brazil! Back to Egypt!), the complete destruction of or gentle rearranging of no less than four Wonders of the Ancient World (I might as well burn my doctorate as soon as I get it.), who knows how many broken laws and gunfights (Of which I was no help, firstly because I’d rather not have things degrade into a shooting match, and secondly because I’m a terrible shot.), my having to deny the existence of demons (Eating crow for that one.), and getting flung through a portal through time that blew out his hearing.

Kincaid is fascinated by this ancient world. Now rather than guessing at the workings of the ancients, he can directly learn from them. This system of “magic” is interesting, and Kincaid intends to fully uncover its basic workings and to use them to get himself and the others back where they belong.

Jacob Kincaid

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