Nick Potemkin

Nick is a detective/negotiator for the Chicago Police Department, and spokesman for the group.


Nick is a little rough around the edges but an all-around good person. I envision RPing him like this guy, Lt. Mike Torello.

Nick Potemkin By Adam S T R E G N T H L A N G U A G E S
Lawful Neutral Human, Male, 33yrs. Climb(Str)0 English
Level 2 6’-2", 176lbs. Jump(Str)0 Greek
Charismatic(1) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes Swim(Str)1 Latin(common)
Marshal(1) Heironeous D E X T E R I T Y Elven
S T A T S C O M B A T Balance(Dex)3 Dwarven
Str(10)+0 AC (16)10+4+0+3+0+0+0-1 Drive(Dex)6
Dex(16)+3 TAC (12) Escape Artist(Dex)3 I N T E L I G E N C E
Con(11)+0 FFAC (13) Hide(Dex)3 Appraise(Int)0
Int(10)+0 HP ( ) Move Silently(Dex)3 Computer use(Int)1
Wis(11)+0 Initiative(9)+3+4+2 Pilot(Dex)6 Craft Ballistics(Int)0
Cha(18)+4 Fort(0)+2+0+1-3 Ride(Dex)3 Decipher Script(Int)0
Refl(1)+0+3+1-3 Slight of Hand(Dex)3 Disable Device(Int)0
Action Points(5) Will(2)+2+0+0 Tumble(Dex)3 Forgery(Int)0
Spell Resistance( ) Damage Reduction( ) Use Rope(Dex)3 Investigate(Int)6
BAB (0) Grapple(0)+0+0+0 C O N S T I T U T I O N Knowledge Law(Int)0
Speed . . . . . . .(40’)no armor, (35’)vest, (30’)scale Concentration(Con)0 Knowledge (Int)
Beretta92f +3(2d6) (20)x2 40’ balistic Bluff(Cha)4 Search(Int)0
Longsword +0(1d8) (19-20)x2 0’ slashing Diplomacy(Cha)13 Spellcraft(Int)0
Disguise(Cha)5 W I S D O M
CLASS FEATURES DETAILS Gather Info.(Cha)8 Heal, Treat Inj.(Wis)1
Coordinate Cha(DC10)asFRA= plus 1 skills/hit 4R Handle Animal(Cha)4 Gamble(Wis)0
Min.A. Motivate Dex(60’) gives+4 to all Dex skills & init. Intimidate(Cha)6 Listen(Wis)0
Trait-Aggressive Gives+2 to init. and-1 to AC Perform (Cha) Profession Chef(Wis)1
Trait-Quick Gives+10’ speed and-1HP/LVL Use Magic Device(Cha)4 Sense Motive(Wis)7
Flaw-Poor Reflexes Gives+1 feat and-3 Refl. saves Spot(Wis)0
Flaw-Meager Fortitude Gives+1 feat and-3 Fort. saves Survival(Wis)0
F E A T S D E T A I L S S O U R C E B O O K & P A G E
Simple Weapon Proficiency able to use simple weapons D20 Modern std. 1st level D20 Modern, page 86
Vehichle Expert Gives+2 to drive & pilot 1st of 2 level 1 picks D20 Modern, pg 89
Attentive Get+2 investigate & sense motive 2nd of 2 level 1 picks D20 Modern, pg 80
Personal Firearms Proficiency able to use small firearms Bonus for prof. D20 Modern, pg86
Sleuthing 1in6 chance to find a clue 5’r DM special at level 1 Created by Adam
Skill Focus-Diplomacy Gives+2 to diplomacy Marshal bonus at 1st Players Handbook, Pg
Improved Initiative Gives+4 to initiative Flaw feat 1st of 2 Players Handbook, Pg
Dialate Aura 1x/encounter arua range = x2 for(cha mod)R Flaw feat 2nd of 2 Feindish Codex II, pg83

Nick was born to Nichole (Martin), and Anthony Potemkin on a ferry tour of Lake Erie. Nick grew up in the City of Chicago and it shows in his heavy accent.

His parents owned a Pizza shop on the south side of Chicago and struggled with funds their whole life. Nick wanted to go to colledge but knew he couldn’t ask his parents for any more than they had already done for him, so he joined the navy. A four year tour of duty had him see the world- from the driver’s seat of a submarine.

He got out and went to colledge focusing on political sciences and world languages. He was a week away from graduation when his parent’s Pizza shop, Appolo’s Pizzaria was robbed. Nick’s father had a heart-attack from the ordeal. He lived, but could not work anymore. Nick’s parents sold the shop to one of Nick’s many cousins (who also worked in a pizzaria) to keep it in the family. They didn’t want Nick to be stuck in a pizza shop when he was a colledge graduate.

Nick started to investigate the robbery on his own and was twice warned-off by detectives that he wasn’t a cop and therefore couldn’t get involved with a police investigation. Nick proptly joined the police academy. The robber struck again while Nick was in training, but this time his cousin tried to stop him and got shot. His parents were there, this time as guests who sat in a corner booth saying “Hello” to all their former regulars. The robber was a poor shot and Nick’s cousin- who was also named Nick, lived but couldn’t use his arm for 3 months.

The robber had struck twice. His whole family was outraged that the police hadn’t found him yet, but as no one was killed, it was a low priority for them. Nick did his job as a beat-officer each day and always made it to his family’s pizza shop for lunch and dinner, usually staying in uniform. When the robber finally struck again months later as everyone feared (and Nick hoped), Nick was in the back helping to take out the garbage. The robber must have been watching for a time when he didn’t see the policeman in the store. There was a gun battle in which both Nick and the robber were shot. This time the robber was a better shot and Nick had a bullet in his chest, while the robber had one in his thy, upper abdomin, and shoulder. Nick was able to call for an ambulance and backup before he went unconsious.

When the paramedics arrived and approched the robber, the one customer and the whole staff stood in their way and Anthony Potemkin said, “You help my son, the hero first. This one will live,…unless my son dies.” The robber died from his injuries and Nick lived, though he had several months of rehabilitation to go through.

Once he was back on the force he focused on doing his work. 911 happened the year after that and he seemed busier than ever. It was four hard years, but he made it to detective. After his second solved case, Nick’s father passed away. He met a woman who was the friend of a cousin who needed a ride to and from the funeral and Nick’s home. They dated and got married within a year.

Nick’s children were born the two years following his marriage and his divorce happened two years after that. In the years that followed they would be the things he missed losing the most in his life.

Because of his language and political science background, he became one of the deparments negotiators. It was this job-focus that got him a posistion in the Greecian government as a negotiator. He was from a very large Greek family (he found out how big at his father’s funeral), and they family he had in Greece was asking for his help. He was due for a vacation and so took a holiday to help out across the seas.

The negotiations didn’t take long and he was quickly passed-off to one of the political party backers to use as interpreter and bodyguard to a pair of archeologist. A professor and student who were on a “dig” in the waters off the coast of Greece near Athens. They did their work via submarine and he was asked to pilot it when he mentioned his military background with subs. Being behind the wheel of a sub sparked a new sense of adventure for Nick and being able to actually see where you’re going was a thrill for an old sub-pilot like him.

Shortly after that he was introduced to the rest of the group by Gina Wilvo.

Nick Potemkin

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