Egyptian Talismans

Flat Octoganal peice of stained-glass 1" across depicting an Egyptian god or godess.


The Talismans were created in the world of greyhawk that later became the earth in the Lost in Time campaign. They found their way into the culture of early egypt where they were used as inspiration for the egyptian pantheon of gods creation myth.

The eight gods created themselves out of the primordial magics of the universe and began to give birth to the more well-known gods of the Egyptian pantheon.

They were used by the Pharohs to open the portal to Oerth (earth in the distant past)to send the condemed to the underworld without propper prepparation. Because of the time-dialation effect of the portal, they were sent back in time to when the earth (or Oerth) was still cooling and perished instantly.

The power of the talismans were figured out by the top minds of the day, Aristotle, Socrates, and Alexander the Great, when the latter invaded Egypt. They conspired to hide the power from man for all time and spread the talismans across the known world, hiding them where they came to rest.

Iggina A. Wilvo and her band of heroes found the talismans in 2012 and used them to open the portal which ended up being the exact time needed to travel safely to the world of greyhawk. She forgot herself going through and re-invented herself as Iggwilv. One of the first things she did when she became a strong enough user of magic, is she tried to re-create the talismans (so she could reuse the portal from this side), in effect she created them because they didn’t exist in greyhawk yet.

They were stolen from her before she became all-powerful and able to stop it, or hunt down the theif, and she lost interest in putting work back into the project. The talismans are being bought and sold throughout the world of greyhawk now.

Egyptian Talismans

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