Lost In Time

Second Letter

Dear Sarah,

Tonight I am speaking Dwarven while I write this for practice, though I am wispering because the others are sleeping very close. You would not think I was born and raised in Chicago to look at me now. I’ve been camping in the wilderness- we all have for several nights now. I am getting ahead of myself, let me go back a week.

We helped the villagers who took us in defend their little village from an attack. There are these things called orcs and goblins that are basically like humans but very primitive and rude, and ugly. They stole a child during the attack and we tracked them down to their camp in the woods. That took us all day to do. We went to scout out if the kid was there and they attacked us, so we attacked back. It was all very dangerous but no one here has guns, though after being sliced into by a sword, I think I’d rather be shot. Don’t worry, Aggie patched me up good. Remember the magic I told you about, well it does some amazing stuff. Anyway it turns out that some traders in the forest had the kid the whole time so all we really did at the orc camp was serve up some payback for Andrew.

The next day Lokiju told us that we’d be expected to go and get some supplies for Andrew from another village about 4 days away. Some of the other’s wanted to be paid for the job, but as I see it- the clothed us, fed us, gave us a place to stay, and even tought us some of the languages, and magic, and the rest of the wonders we found waiting for us here in this world.

We were loaned 3 horses (yeah, I learned to ride one), and rode off to the Crossroads. It’s a trading town full of ruthless traders and travelers. We thought we’d fit right in. I had a little trouble with the language, but managed to do well bartering with or for the others. We got a room at the Inn (looked more like a bed-and-breakfast to me) and went to the local tavern for some hot food. We’d been eating the dried fruits and meats Lokiju gave us for the trip, and it was already sickening. After the meal, a fight broke out in the tavern and we all departed the area quickly- at least I thought we did.

We were just outside the tavern when we heard a gun-blast and noticed Ross wasn’t with us. Aggie went to the Inn and the rest of us went to help Ross. He pulled his gun in a barfight! We left without anyone stopping us, but drew way too much attention. I thought he fired in the air to stop the fight. Later I found out that he shot a man and killed him, but that he was armed as well. The local P.D. came to the Inn to arrest him and he drew his gun again. I don’t think there is a more intense time than just before a “talk” turns to a “fight”, but I stepped in. I talked Ross into going with the arrest, and I defended him at his trial the next day. The legal system is much faster here, unfortunately so are the punishments. I would’ve liked more time to prepare, but I won over a few locals and eventually the Judge- or whatever he was.

We rode on (one day behind schedule) and arrived at Tarren Mill as it was burning, and it’s people lay slaughtered. There was one survivor. A boy of 10 years, named Christopher. He told us how these big green things (I think it was a troll), came in and killed everyone while he hid. They took the cart of supplies we were sent here to get and torched the town. It only happened hours before we arrived, and the buildings must’ve been protected from fire somehow (magic), because the fires were small and we put them out quickly.

It is hard to look at him and not think of our son Christopher. Even though this one is older than our’s, I can easilly imagine our Christopher growing and acting like this young boy. Anyway, we tracked the cart to the woods a half-dozen miles away and then the footprints from that to the edge of some huge lake. We couldn’t follow anymore. Christopher didn’t have any other family he knew of so, when we got back to Tarren Mill, I took the town register, and left a warning sign for any travelers to watch out for trolls, and the like. We started back for Andrew after holding a funeral service for the victims of the attack.

This is our third night on the road and we should be reaching Andrew tomorrow. Oh yeah, we had to go around the Crossroads trading post because they don’t have a jail so every crime is either punishable by death or banishment. Instead of just banishing Ross for properly defending himself, which ended in a death for the other guy, the Magistrate-guy banished us all. I hope Lokiju isn’t too ticked-off that we don’t have the supplies they sent us to get. I have to go now, there’s something spooking the horses.

Love you two,



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